Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support both Windows and Macintosh platforms?
Yes, we do support both.To view system requirements go to our support page.

Do you support 56k dial up modems?
Yes, but the download time is much longer than if you had a cable modem or DSL connection.

How long will I be able to see the clip? Will it stay on my hard drive?
The clip is yours to view as often as you would like. You have the option of saving it to your hard drive once it has been downloaded.

How do I establish my Pay-Per-View account?
Go to the check out page and submit the required information and your account will be activated in a matter of minutes.

Will my friends be able to get the clips from my computer?
No. The clips cannot be copied or shared from the computer they were downloaded on. Your friends will need to open their own account.

What if I want to cancel my Pay-Per-View account?
You can do that at any time. Go to the support page and e-mail customer service.

What if I have a question about a charge on my credit card bill?
Easy, go to the support page and e-mail customer service.