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  • Edward Borein


    John Edward Borein (1872 – 1945) is today regarded as one of America’s finest cowboy artists, using pencil, pen and ink or watercolors. In 1907 he seriously took up etching, which became his primary artistic medium. Length 2:08

  • Edward Borein’s Art of the Old West


    John Edward Borein began sketching in 1877 at the age of five. Between the ages of 17 and 21 he continued sketching as he worked as a cowboy for cattle ranches from California to Mexico. From his memories as a “cowpuncher” and later from B&W movies which he shot, Borein produced over 300 different etchings, water colors and oil Paintings. Length: 3:02

  • Louis L’Amour, Western Author


    Louis L’Amour had always wanted to be a writer, and the Western genre proved to be a good choice. With the help of the knowledge gained by his extensive travels, the characters in his books were true to the old west. In 1983, at the age of 75, L’Amour sold his one hundred millionth book. Even today, his novels and the movies about them are still very popular. Length: 5:05

  • Tallships Festival


    The Toshiba Tallships Festival in Dana Point, California is the largest annual gathering of Tallships on the west coast of the United States. This family event allows you to experience maritime history through live demonstrations in a festival atmosphere. Length: 2:56