Classic Shorts

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  • 3 Stooges – A Song of Six Pants


    The boys own a tailor shop but they are about to lose their equipment to a collection agency. They come up with a scheme to capture a notorious criminal and collect the reward on him. Good Luck! Length 16:51

  • 3 Stooges – Brideless Groom


    Shemp’s uncle dies and leaves him his fortune, provided he’s married. When the word gets out, Shemp’s got more women after him than he knows what to do with. Length 16:31

  • 3 Stooges – Disorder in the Court


    The Stooges are the star witnesses in a murder trial. Need I say more? Yes! Curly gives one of his greatest performances while being sworn in to testify. A must see! Length 16:20

  • 3 Stooges – Malice in the Palace


    The boys certainly are diverse. This time they are waiters in the middle east and they uncover a plot to steal King Rootin Tootin’s treasure. What makes me think nobody’s getting rich. Length 15:36

  • The Stolen Jewels


    ‘The Stolen Jewels’ is a short film that was shown in theatres in 1931. It is unique because of the many famous stars of the 30s and 40s that donated their services to do this film. Its purpose was to raise funds for the relief work of the NVA-The National Variety Artists Union and the Will Rogers Hospital for Respiratory Diseases. Length 19:46

  • Young men in a hurry


    Young Men In A Hurry was a television pilot starring the Kingston Trio – John Stewart, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane, and included several of their songs. It was produced by a major television network, but was never aired and unfortunately it did not go to series. Length: 16:44