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  • Bridles #1


    Part 1: The Snaffle Bit starts from the first ride. You’ll learn the ways of the snaffle and “the soft feel” while applying them to the walk, trot and lope. Buck will even help you with your roping. This tape is a must for any riding discipline.

  • Bridles #2


    Part 2: The Hackamore takes you and your horse on to the next step in your schooling. You’ll learn how to use the horsehair mecate and move your horse through all gates in the elegant, braided hackamore (bosal) working towards a total communication with the lightest commands.

  • Ranch Roping #1


    Beginning: Takes you from building your first loop, to proper practice technique with the roping dummy.

  • Ranch Roping #2


    Intermediate: Introduces and details scores of traditional reata style head and heel shots, positions and strategies.

  • Ranch Roping #3


    Advanced: Features applied roping techniques for handling & doctoring cattle in real world situations.